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The program that started it all. Our rainbow brings tagging and filtering to font management in one simple list. No more sets, no more juggling panes. Be more familiar with your fonts!

Never lose a file again. Simply set filters for what you want and it’s there, immediately. Tag files. Create (searchable) user text for files. Explore your drives like never before.

£10 / 30-day free trial - for MS Windows

Free - for MS Windows

The Rainbow Interface is protected by UK patent 2394874 and by US patent 7334185

Android apps are coming! We’re currently working on a music app and a photo app which we’re hoping to bring out before the end of 2017.

The rainbow’s progress so far

We are just wrapping our rainbow round UK Government spending data! Based on quarterly spending data that drove the (recently taken down) Government Interrogating Spending Tool (‘GIST’), this will be the tool the Government tried to provide but seemingly could not. We will release this before the end of 2016.