Hi. Me again. (I’ll spare you the drawings on this page, although you might get hit with a mini-rant or two before I’m done with it!). OK, this page is a showcase for my rainbow on mobiles; to show how it will look on my upcoming (Summer 2021) Android app PicRainbow, and also how a few existing Android apps could be ‘rainbow-ised’ and thus gain functionality while keeping most of their current look. So, PicRainbow will look like this:

The ‘rainbow’ doesn’t have to literally be rainbow-coloured; we offer four different ‘skins’, for example..

Not only does our rainbow not have to literally look like a rainbow, it could adapt itself to fit the look of existing apps. Here are a few examples…


As the items are text, I’ve overlaid the vertical bars on top them. Saves screen real-estate and still seems pretty readable. All of GMail functionality is there on that one screen.


Spotify is wonderful and I love it dearly. But some aspects of it do – what shall we say – grate a little. This is what my Discover Weekly playlist currently looks like:

My normal routine with this – usually under the blankets before I drift off – is to play through it and scrape the songs I like into a playlist I set up called “From DW”. That way they stay on my phone when the DW playlist gets refreshed. To do that, for each song, requires the following steps:
1. Tap the 3 dot icon to the right of the song to get to the options menu
2. Tap the option “Add to playlist”
3. Tap on the “From DW” playlist
OK, having to make three taps for each song might sound like a First-World problem but doing it while half asleep and wrestling with the bedclothes and the headphone lead is a faff. With my rainbow, and the “From DW” playlist bar already there on the same screen as the actual DW playlist, I could achieve the same result with just a single tap. And I would have a choice of 3 playlists to add to and still do it with a single tap. A single tap, Spotify! As a bonus, the markers would show me which songs I’ve done this to. My imagined ‘Rainbow-ised’ version of Spotify might look something like this:

With retail sites like for example estate agencies the only way you get to organize things is with a single heart icon. My rainbow would give you much more control while taking up minimal screen ‘real estate’!


We should mention (back to the corporate ‘we’ now) – as all of the above examples are targeted on mobiles – that we also have a couple of apps (actual working ones!) for Windows desktop. Principally our font management app shown below. If you visit this website (www.everclearsystems.com) using a desktop or tablet you can see our rainbow in all its glory (two-sided, 7 colours a side) and see much more about the desktop side as well. Hope you enjoy it!