The Rainbow Interface is protected by UK patent 2394874 and by US patent 7334185

THE RAINBOW WAY: Your data out in the open, easy to organize and easy to find.

THE FOLDER WAY: Your data hidden away, hard to organize and hard to find.

OK, that was the folder way. Now take a look at…

Folders - which are really just boxes, but on a computer - mean that finding things on a computer is clunky and difficult, like it is in real life.

Computers should be like magic, not real life. We should be able to just tell the computer what we want and immediately have it presented to us…

…and that’s what our rainbow is for. You tell the computer what you want by setting filters. You organize by tagging, not by filing stuff away.

Want to know how our rainbow came to be? See the FontRainbow page under Applications.

To play with a real functioning rainbow, please download one of our apps.

The markers show where tags belong to an item. Setting a tag takes just a single click in the bar.

Our rainbow doesn’t have to be rainbow-coloured! This website shows just a few of the variants it could have.

These squares are filter option boxes. They can be used in any combination, positively or negatively, to select what you want to see (or not see).

Organizing by putting files into folders is like storing stuff in boxes. We think boxes should be for real life, and computer systems should have something better. Below are 3 items…

The ‘Rainbow Interface’ - a new way to organize