Thanks for using PicRainbow!

This short section tells you whether / how we collect / access the data on your phone, and what we do with that data (if anything). We hope it’s both clear and reassuring but if you do have any queries please feel free to bounce them to us by emailing

First, we don’t collect any personal or sensitive data from your phone at all. In the nicest possible way, we are not at all interested in who you are!

Next, we do access the photos and videos on your phone. The app wouldn’t be able to do its job if we didn’t do that! PicRainbow shows you your photos and videos and that’s all we do with them – we don’t use them for any other purpose whatsoever. We don’t make copies of your photos and videos but we do create (and store on your phone) thumbnail images of them. The thumbnails make it much faster to render the images in the app’s list – that way you get nice smooth scrolling.

And last, we do provide a way for you to delete (physically remove from your phone) any photos or videos you don’t want to keep. Because we’re all a bit trigger-happy, right! It’s nice to clear out the junk every so often! We give you a couple of safeguards against deleting the wrong things – before you can delete an item you have to tag it with the ‘Drop’ tag; you then have to filter on the ‘Drop’ tag (to ensure that all items marked for deletion are visible in your list) and when you do take the menu option to ‘Delete all listed items’ (that option is only available when you filter on the ‘Drop’ tag) you’re then given an option to confirm or cancel.

And that’s all we have to say about your data and privacy. Thanks for reading this and enjoy the app!